Expat Living Home & Property Guide 2018

July 15, 2018

“Products with Punch


Today, we have dozen of brands under our care in the region, and we created mrphy to be the home for them all. Having a central shop for all our brands helps customers in many ways – by reducing shipping costs, for example.


Where did the name come from?


It comes from the Murphy’s Law, which says that if something can be used or done the wrong way, it will be. We consider Murphy’s Law important in the design of a functional product; the aim is to design something so it’s impossible to use it wrongly.


What sets you apart from other stores of this kind?


We’re committed to telling the story of not just the product but the brand behind it. So, each brand page has its own style – like a store within a store. We also inject a bit of a personality into what we do. Online stores can be clinical and cookie-cutter, so we try to express ourselves in our website graphics and our slightly irreverent (but not too much!) content.”