Protected by Speco®

July 02, 2024

doob has got your back (and your butt) from germs and nasty stuff!

Starting July 1st, ALL (except Alfresco Collection) doob bean bags (including SoftRock and huggu) and accessories will be infused with Speco®, an innovative antimicrobial coating that fights off viruses, bacteria, and even mould! ️


Defending Against External Germs: Imagine returning home after a long day, having been exposed to countless germs during your commute on public transport. However, when you sit on your Speco-protected bean bag, its protective shield comes into action. The Speco coating disintegrates the germs on contact, minimising the risk of infection and keeping your family safe from harmful microorganisms.


A Haven for Pet Lovers: If you’re a pet owner, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your furry companions. With Speco-protected bean bags, you can extend that protection to your pets’ resting spots, such as doob’s pet bed bean bags. The Speco coating not only shields against germs but is also completely safe for your pets. It provides an extra layer of defence, ensuring your beloved animals can lounge in comfort without the threat of harmful bacteria.

Convenience and Peace of Mind: One of the key advantages of Speco-protected bean bags is their convenience. Unlike having to manually sanitise furniture on a frequent basis, which can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, Speco offers a much more convenient solution.


Speco is not just effective, it's also:


Safe and Non-Toxic: Made with good stuff, so you can relax worry-free.

Eco-Friendly: Kind to the environment, just like you!


So cuddle up, play games, and sprawl out on your doob bean bag with total confidence – Speco has got you covered (literally)!