Sponsorship to OpenLectures

July 13, 2013

“Here at OpenLectures we prize comfort over many other things (including occasionally food, water and shelter). It’s what allows us to work for hours on end coming up with quality content for our viewers. In this regard, doob Bean Bags have been simply amazing in terms of their comfort and durability. Whether it’s taking a break after a long filming session or simply chilling out and having a group discussion, they serve as a constant source of soft and relaxed bean-baggy comfort. Thanks for the great beanbags, and we hope to keep using them for years to come.” - 2013.

Openlectures provides free online lectures based on the Singapore syllabus. It was founded in 2011 by Linan Qiu, a student who strongly believed in making quality education available for anyone who wants to learn. Currently, over a hundred staff and lecturers across the globe contribute their time and expertise to this effort. Everyone works for free, at nights, and on weekends, because they are passionate about what they do.