The Purple Parade 2022

October 29, 2022

On October 29th, the Becheras Team took part in the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Purple Parade 2022 at Suntec City in Singapore. The Purple Parade is a significant movement that advocates for inclusion and celebrates the abilities of Persons with Disabilities.


As doob is known to benefit individuals on the autism spectrum, we believe that we could contribute more by raising awareness and supporting these individuals. doob also donated 10% of its proceeds from the sale of all purple bean bags to the Purple Parade fund which are channelled to various charity organisations participating in the parade.


Our cosplay theme is “Superheroes”! The purple heroes from doob are putting up their mightiest fight to support inclusion and celebrate abilities of persons with disabilities. Our purple props (doobie mascot, huggie mascot, capes, sashes, pom poms and headbands) are entirely made from bean bag fabric offcuts to be eco-friendly and reduce wastage. Our headbands labelled “UNIFY”, “INCLUDE”, “SUPPORT”, “BELIEVE”, “EQUALITY” are the embodiment of our values and the headbands labelled “OK!” and “CAN!” represent the never-give-up attitude of the everyday Singaporean. We believe that everyone of us can be a superhero in our own right, including persons with disabilities!



In recognition of the team’s enthusiasm and effort, doob also won the Best Cosplay award!



The doob team looks forward to the opportunity of taking part in the Purple Parade in the near future.