oomph mini – water-repellent kids bean bag chair


Product highlights

✔ Couch-like comfort

✔ Water-repellent removable cover

✔ Protected with Speco® antimicrobial coating

✔ Filled with longer-lasting SPRINGFLUX™ filler

✔ Child-safe zip for inner bag

✔ Made in Singapore


Bean bag chair for your mini-me’s (aged 3 and up). Designed to be easier to clean, safer, and more durable.


Filling Options

Unfilled: cover and inner bag only, no filling

SPRINGFLUX™: filled with SPRINGFLUX™, longer-lasting bean bag pellets

care guide

Hand wash, rinse, or wipe with damp cloth

You want the best for your child, and at doob, we understand that wholeheartedly. That's why we created the oomph mini, the best butt-rest designed to delight your bundle of joy.

In keeping with doob's signature and highly sought-after design principles, the oomph mini is not just visually appealing but also equipped with advanced features. Our water-repellent cover, adorned with strategically placed air vents, is further enhanced with Speco® antimicrobial coating. This means your child's comfort zone remains clean and hygienic, protecting them from the unseen.

Inside, the oomph mini is filled with our longer-lasting SPRINGFLUX™ bean bag filler, ensuring enduring comfort and support. The bean bag is also designed with safety in mind, featuring a robust inner bag secured with YKK™ child-proof zippers.

The result - a bean bag chair that is perfect for little ones – easier to clean in case of spills, safer from prying hands, and resilient enough to grow up with. Because your bambino deserves better.

✔ Filled with SPRINGFLUX™

✔ Air vents

✔ Double-layered for safety and durability

✔ DRYXX™ (water-repellent polyester)

✔ Coated with SPECO®

Outer Cover

Water-repellent DRYXX™

(polyester and polyurethane composite)

GRS-certified Recycled Polyester (for specific colours)

Inner Bag

Sturdy fabric inner bag (Polyester - Cotton)

Filling Options

Unfilled: cover and inner bag only, no filling

SPRINGFLUX™: filled with SPRINGFLUX™, longer-lasting bean bag pellets

Product Dimensions

70 x 65 x 55cm


120 litres

Dimensions are approximate; will change depending on usage.

Wine Red

Chili Red

Apple Green

Caribbean Blue

Candy Pink

Grape Purple

Apricot Crush

Pewter Blue

Sage Green

Chalk Violet

Winter Wheat

Barley Beige

Ash Grey

Jet Black


Normal bean bag beans are made from EPS. doob Bean Bag pellets are made from higher density (up to 1.5 times denser!) EPS that lasts longer.

For an even longer lifespan, this kids bean bag comes filled with a composite of EPP pellets that dramatically increases the lifespan of the bean bag, while retaining sufficient higher density EPS to keep the bean bag soft and easy to sink into. Avoid the hassle of topping up and save money in the long run!


Our mini Collection kids bean bags are protected with Speco® antimicrobial coating. This durable coating can help protect your bean bag from viruses, bacteria and mould, making it a good choice for families with young children or people with compromised immune systems.

All Speco® products are tested by independent accredited labs in Singapore and certified to be biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-leaching.


Give the gift of personalisation to your loved ones with the option to get a custom embroidered bean bag! Or put your own name onto your doob! With two different font types in three font sizes to choose from, you can be prepared the next time a roommate or sibling tries to usurp the throne that is your doob, asking “who says it’s yours, does it have your name on it?”

Why yes, yes it does.