Your-Name-Here – personalised embroidery add-on


Product highlights

✔ Script or Serif typefaces

✔ 3 sizes

✔ 7-12 character limit


Personalised embroidery for doob bean bags. Make sure to add a doob bean bag to cart too! Available for all bean bag fabrics except Synthetic Fur.


Small font height is approx up to 1.5cm (up to 12 characters)

Medium font height is approx up to 2.5cm (up to 12 characters)

Large font height is approx up to 4cm (up to 7 characters)

Give the gift of personalisation to your loved ones with the option to get a custom embroidered bean bag! Or put your own name onto your doob! With two different font types in three font sizes to choose from, you can be prepared the next time a roommate or sibling tries to usurp the throne that is your doob, asking “who says it’s yours, does it have your name on it?”

Why yes, yes it does.


  • Limit of 7-12 characters per bean bag depending on choice of font size.

  • Acceptable characters consist of uppercase or lowercase letters of the English alphabet and the digits 0 to 9.

  • We can’t do emojis, sorry! 😅

  • Please enter the name/word exactly how you want it to be spelt, including any uppercase letters. We won’t take responsibility for your typos!

  • We reserve the right to decline to embroider certain words!

Script (Small, Medium, Large)

embroidered text on Tetoron Rayon Fabric

Serif (Small, Medium, Large)

embroidered text on Polyester Fabric