plopsta' – Heritage Collection


Product highlights

✔ Super versatile

✔ Child-safe zip for inner bag

✔ Removable cover

✔ Made in Singapore


Our Heritage Collection features prints of Peranakan tiles, Shophouses, and the famous Dragon Playground to celebrate Singapore’s unique and rich heritage. And that’s not all – we’re proud to collaborate with pau-making master Hock Seng Pau for a delectable tribute to their culinary legacy. Bring a touch of Singapore’s vibrant history into your home with these beautiful bean bags!


Filling Options


Unfilled: cover and inner bag only, no filling

Regular: filled with doob pellets

SPRINGFLUX™: filled with SPRINGFLUX™, longer-lasting bean bag pellets

care guide

Hand wash, rinse, or wipe with damp cloth

Pau (doob x Hock Seng Pau)

A doob x Hock Seng Pau collaboration featuring a print the celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of Hock Seng Pau’s signature creations.


Dragon Playground

The Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh is a beloved superstar in Singapore, capturing the hearts of kids, families, and even tourists. Built in 1979 during a period of rapid development, it symbolises Singapore’s optimism and progress, while also holding cherished memories for those who grew up playing there in the 80s and 90s, fostering friendships and a sense of independence.



Peranakan tiles are a symbol of Singapore’s cultural awesomeness, representing the fusion of Chinese and Malay traditions in the Peranakan community. They are a testament to the beauty and craftsmanship of Peranakan art and design.



Shophouses are a unique and important part of Singapore’s heritage. They are a blend of Chinese, Malay, and European architectural styles, and they reflect the rich cultural history of Singapore.


Bean bags retain the previous butt's shape - reset it to prepare for your butt



Don't be shy - the doob needs to mould to your body and will flow best if you show it who's boss



Fine-tune your doob's shape by wiggling your butt to fill up remaining pockets of space

The Divan

Flop it down and lean it against the wall, instant divan!


The Armchair

Position it vertically and use it as though it were an armchair


The Sofa

Lay it down on its long side, then plop down comfortably in the middle, just like you would on a sofa


The Lounger

Lay it down on its long side, then position your body along the seam to relax in a lounging position


The Mattress

Bam, flat and ready to sleep!

Outer Cover

Water-repellent DRYXX™

(polyester and polyurethane composite) and


Inner Bag

Sturdy fabric inner bag (Polyester - Cotton)

✔ Outer cover made of DRYXX™ water-repellent polyester and Polycanvas

✔ Double-layered for safety and durability

Filling Options

Unfilled: cover and inner bag only, no filling

Regular: filled with doob pellets

SPRINGFLUX™: filled with SPRINGFLUX™, longer-lasting bean bag pellets

Product Dimensions

135 x 80 x 85cm


280 litres

Dimensions are approximate; will change depending on usage.

Create a vibrant and engaging space with these bean bags featuring historical Singaporean designs. Perfect for sparking conversation and relaxation.


Normal bean bag beans are made from EPS. doob Bean Bag pellets are made from higher density (up to 1.5 times denser!) EPS that lasts longer.

For an even longer lifespan, opt for a higher quality beanbag filler with a composite of EPP pellets that dramatically increases the lifespan of the bean bag, while retaining sufficient higher density EPS to keep the bean bag soft and easy to sink into. Avoid the hassle of topping up and save money in the long run!


We offer Speco® antiviral coating as an add-on to our bean bag orders. This durable coating can help protect your bean bag from viruses, bacteria and mould, making it a good choice for families with young children or people with compromised immune systems.

All Speco® products are tested by independent accredited labs in Singapore and certified to be biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-leaching.


Give the gift of personalisation to your loved ones with the option to get a custom embroidered bean bag! Or put your own name onto your doob! With two different font types in three font sizes to choose from, you can be prepared the next time a roommate or sibling tries to usurp the throne that is your doob, asking “who says it’s yours, does it have your name on it?”

Why yes, yes it does.