smoovflux™ refill pellets | 1-2mmØ bean bag beads for stretchy bean bags


Product highlights

✔ For filling or topping up of stretchy bean bags

✔ Extra fine 1-2mmØ bean bag beads

✔ Made in Singapore


A denser fill, a smoother feel.

Specially produced bean bag filler, made from extra fine EPS pellets. Get smoovflux™ as a top up or refill for bean bags made with stretchy fabric, such as our stretchy STREXX™ fabric doob bean bags. 

care guide

Safety Warning:

Do not place near heat sources or exposed flame

Product comprises of small parts; do not inhale or swallow, do not leave unattended

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of experiencing doob Bean Bags knows that we take pride in making sure all materials are up to our impossibly high standard. Once we started making bean bags with stretch fabric, we had to make a filler that is smooth and fine enough to accompany them. That’s smoovflux™ for you.

smoovflux™ is a specially produced bean bag filler, freshly made from EPS and measuring under 2mm per pellet*. These smaller pellets make for a denser fill, and result in a bean bag smoother to the touch.

*Average diameter of each pellet is 1-2mm with some variance.

Get smoovflux™ as a top up for our stretchy STREXX™ fabric doob bean bags, or to fill up or replace the filling in your existing spandex/lycra/elastane bean bags**.

**Using smoovflux™ on bean bags that aren’t made of stretchable fabric may make the bean bag stiffer and may require less filling than the advised quantity.